Save the Planet 

Sustainability is super important to me and I do my best to incorporate it into my business. This means being mindful of how my products, packaging, and suppliers have an impact on the environment!


The packaging: 

I try to stick to minimal and environmentally friendly packaging. Almost all of my shipping supplies are recyclable or made of recycled materials. Some of it isn't- but I am working on transitioning to more eco-friendly supplies once I run out of the stock I currently have. In addition, some of it may not be recyclable because I reuse some of the packaging materials (like bubble wrap) that I get from orders I receive. 

    The products: 

    Aside from having eco-friendly packaging, I take the time to research the suppliers and manufacturers I use to make sure they have ethical business practices, meaning paying employees proper wages and following labor laws. I try to purchase from other small businesses where I can.

      • What you can recycle (or re-use!)

        -Cardboard boxes

        -Glassine bags 

        -Thank you notes 

        -Kraft paper envelopes 

        -Kraft mailers & chipboard

        -My prints & greeting cards

      • What you CANNOT recycle

        -White coated mailers  

        -Bubble mailers 

        -Plastic slips for protecting art

        -Bubble wrap

        *I have plans to replace all of the above with recyclable/biodegradable packaging!*

      Supporting Indigenous

      I also donate 40% of the revenue from my "Love Your Mother" stickers to the Indigenous Environmental Network (learn more about them here)!

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