About me

welcome to the shop!

Hi there! My name is Mariah (she/her) and I create digital illustrations that are inspired by bright colors, self love and cute, sketchy, cottagecore styles. I live in Oregon with my partner and our cat, Loretta. 


I've loved art and drawing since I was a kid but it wasn't until early 2020 (you know, where we all started new hobbies to keep from going crazy) that I started working with digital art and fell in love. After using the medium for a while I thought other people might like my work too so in August of 2020 I opened up an Etsy shop with just a few prints for sale. My art style has changed so much since then and now I sell prints, greeting cards, stickers and more!  


Outside of my art shop I also enjoy reading (cozy fantasy is my jam right now), trying new restaurants with my friends or partner, and witchy things (learning tarot, crystals, nature, that kinda stuff!). 


I'm so grateful to everyone that has supported me since I started my shop, including anyone that follows my social media or just checks out my website (so if you're here reading this, thanks a bunch!). My ultimate hope is for my artwork to spark a little joy in someone’s day and promote inclusivity and self love <3